Foreign Students

The Student Mobility is an instance in which students of different parts of the world travel to study in other institutions in order to extend their academic experience and interpersonal relations to an international level.

The successful experience in cooperation relationships with educational institutions of other countries, Universidad de Chile’s international prestige and the School of Engineering and Sciences’ interest and perseveration in these activities, makes today’s foreign exchange studies, based on agreements among prestigious universities and the Faculty, ensuring spots with easier interexchange procedures.

Why it is important? How are the students benefited?

The capacity to professionally perform, communicate and collaboratively work with specialists of different parts of the world in a whole different environment is essential for future professionals. This work environment experience is an exercise that strengthens and enriches every student both in academic and social terms.  Also, coexisting with engineers and scientists from other countries provides students with an access of different international professional networks. In many cases, mobility experience will not only test their cultural barrier overcoming skills, it will also test their communication abilities. Every student that manages to go to countries, in which another language is used as a mother tongue, will be benefited with the strengthening of a second or third language.

Incoming Students

The Mobility Office at the FCFM organizes student mobility for undergraduate students from the international partner institutions.

See if your institution has an exchange agreement with FCFM in this link

In addition, exchange students from the PME (Student Exchange Program, www.uchile.cl/PME ) at the Universidad de Chile may also take courses in the FCFM.

Exchange students may follow any of the undergraduate programs proposed:

Find more information of these programs at the following website: http://uchile.cl/e123585


Download and check the document “FCFM International exchange program” at this link: https://uchile-horizons.symplicity.com/ for more information about applying process and dates.

Start date for applications:

End date for applications:

Date for final decision on applications for exchanges:

Required language level:

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